Saturday, December 29, 2012


oh, resolutions.

i take them very seriously.  And subconsciously, whether I want to or intend to or not, they start simmering in the back of my brain around Thanksgiving time.  I'm not one to half-heartedly throw something on this list--I'm very intentional about it.  Nothing too unrealistic, but I want to dream big and stretch myself.

I think I want to make a To Read list.  so far, I have
  • Dinner: A love story
  • Flight behavior
  • Galileo's daughter
  • These is my words
  • Happier at Home
  • The Lemon Tree
  • What Kind of Nation?
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
a biking goal.  Mileage?  a race completion?
a To Hike list?
definitely a bookmaking goal
change some habits--like bringing my reusable bags to the grocery store, like cleaning up before, during and after the process of cooking a meal, like getting ready before 11 a.m. everyday
compile a family history binder
start listening to music again.  and playing it.
make this rug.  anyone want to do it with me??
knit an infinity scarf

Then other sources start adding their ideas:

should I try a 365 project?  365 handmade books?  365 entries in a gratitude journal?  365 new recipes? 365 blog posts?(yikes, I wouldn't want to overwhelm you)

should I pick One Little Word?

Then I feel a little bit of guilt and start thinking about some goals I should add.
like scripture study, temple attendance, keeping my house clean (and more organized), service projects, waste less time on the internet, eat more vegetables.

Also, the funeral I attended this week for Tanner's grandmother got me thinking about how no one was listing off all of the amazing things that this woman had done, they were talking all about of the amazing things that she was.  Maybe I should focus my goals on to be items instead of to do items.  Positivity, humility, patience anyone?

Why do I over think this so much?  I think it's because a) i like to make goals and resolutions, and b) I really don't want to be one of those people that quickly abandon or forget about their resolutions, and/or  look back on them come next December and feel like a failure because they didn't accomplish anything they set out to.  I think for me, it's not exactly about having a checklist of goals, but more about taking a look at how I'm living, what I'm spending my time on, and deciding what looks good and what I want to be different.  Looking back on this last year, I realized I spent a lot of time on things that were new to me:  raising a child, knitting, biking, blogging, bookbinding.  I like that.  This year though, I think I'll try and improve on some of those things instead of embarking on a new handful of hobbies.

What are your resolutions this year? Do you actually complete yours or have you completely forgotten them by Valentines day?  Has setting a resolution ever pushed you to really accomplish something that mattered to you?  Have anything I need to add to my reading list?  Have you ever set a goal with someone?  I think that might be fun.


  1. I just finished Perks of Being a Wallflower and enjoyed it very much (although be prepared for some very downer moments).

    I like the idea of focusing what to Become over what to Do, but you could look at the things you want to Do to find out the kind of things you would like to Become, which could help you stick to the Doing because you know exactly why you are doing it ... hmm writing that made my head spin a little, but I think it makes sense :)

  2. First off, I'll totally make that rug with you! I decided I love rugs. And making things. And you... but I already knew that. :) Also, I think we have discovered this before, but I, too, LOVE making goals! I think about it forever in the days/weeks leading up to it, and already have a few things to add to my 2013 list. Jake and I are doing a 365 day thing... it was suggested by Henry B. Eyring (I think?) and it's a gratitude journal... you write just one thing you are grateful for every single day. It would be really cool if we actually stuck to it, but I can see that being harder than not.... I'll let you know how it turns out. I like the goals you have in mind... I think you could add to your list "find my camera charger." It'll give you something to do all year ;)

  3. hey, so I've done something like a gratitude journal before--called it my happy book and basically just listed things I love and that make me happy--but I've never done it on a daily basis, which idea I like. What do you think about doing it together and posting the list at the end of each month on our blogs? I think that will help a lot in helping us stick to it and remember it all year instead of letting it die out


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