Tuesday, January 8, 2013

7 quick takes around our house

This blogger that I really like does "7 quick takes" every Friday and even though it's not Friday and even though it's probably not a good practice to copy other bloggers unless you are participating in their link-ups I'm, uh, doing it anyway because 7 quick takes just seems to me like a really good excuse for putting a bunch of unrelated items in the same post which you just feel like doing sometimes when bloggers block has got you down.

1.    me:  "Someone in Relief Society today said that their stay at home mom friend lists her occupation on Facebook as CEO of the Smith Household.  I like that."
Tanner:  "So. . . if you're CEO at our house, what does that make me?"
me:  "Like, Assistant Manager?"

2.    me:  "hey dear, could you take out the trash?"
Tanner:  "ya. . . can I do it in like April when it's not 15 degrees outside?"

3.   Remember the our lovely staircase of death (pictured here)?  A genuine disaster of 8 metal steps covered in a nice thick layer of ice and snow that almost broke the back of my husband last week and did break a wheel off the stroller he was hauling?  It has claimed it's second victim (that we know of):  The FedEx guy.  We heard a knock at the door and then (I wish I could convey sound effects through a computer screen)  thump thump (times 8).  We rush outside to find a new package at the top of the stairs and Mr. FedEx at the bottom, nursing wounded pride and backside alike, apologizing for knocking over one of my pots.  It's probably not ok to laugh at others pain, but it was kind of hilarious.

4.   Can I just throw one teeny tiny temper tantrum real quick?  It's so dang coooooold!!!!  All the time.  With no relief or sunshine and I'm stuck inside all day and it really bites.
Ok done.

5.   A fellow mom I met at the park back in those sunshiny days when we went to the park and breathed not-frozen air and sat on not-frozen grass, said that if she were ever rich enough, she had a dream to build an indoor heated playground right in the middle of south of campus Provo to save the sanity of all the car-less Provo moms who had to survive winters with toddlers and had nowhere else to go.  I support this project.

6.  I don't really watch t.v. but lately have started due to freezing temperatures and hours I spend bookbinding, and I got hooked on Parenthood.  I am trucking through season 4 on OnDemand and I know I'm behind, but I have one issue.  The episode where Julia looses her (high profile lawyer) job and transitions to being a stay at home mom?  She's at her kids school and some of the other moms have found out, so they invite her to come participate in their mom coffee hour.  Which is fine.  Except that they are characterized as completely ditzy, perky, gossipy, unintelligent, silly women.  Which completely bugs me on one million levels because there couldn't possibly be any other moms in her same position who are educated, interesting, normal and intelligent and have either lost their jobs, can't find work, or who have chosen to stay home.  Heaven forbid they portray that kind of group of moms who invite her into their circle and offer support, friendship, and intelligent adult conversation and make her feel better about the whole thing.  Instead they're all obnoxious, frivolous, stay-at-home women because, obviously, that's how we all really are in real life.  Thanks, NBC.  We really appreciate it.

7.  I have to go get a crown at the dentist today.  bah humbug.


  1. Also addicted to Parenthood, and maybe blew through the entire Netflix holdings in a couple of weeks when we first got to Fresno ... and good point about stay at home mom image! I support your alternative storyline idea (the indoor playground idea ... maybe ... sounds like the den of a million winter viruses, but I do know Utah winters and I admire you greatly for keeping sane with your little one indoors all the time!).

    P.S. I am glad the overachiever mom that was super into Julia's husband just kind of up and disappeared ... she was perpetuating a really not great stereotype too ... wow, all the 'other' moms on Parenthood ARE portrayed as really awful stereotypes.

  2. I love Parenthood. LOVEEEEEE it!!!


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