Wednesday, January 9, 2013

christmas delights

ok, disclaimer.  my photography skills apparently took a divebomb last month.  These beauties are the least of all the evils.  Scrolling through my Christmas photos was a slideshow of red-eye, bad lighting, and people with their backs to me.  Oh and also, I'm committing to start taking pictures of people besides just Camryn.  

the frontrunner now runs all the way to Provo! yay!

Alison and Zach came all the way from Dallas to ride it.  Oh, and to hang out with family and stuff. 

and the billboard free ride is oh so refreshing.  way better views than the freeway

oh yes, I knitted this.  My little rosy cheeked Swedish baby. 

Christmas Eve with the Staples

this is my father-in-law Staples with my brand new niece Reese Elizabeth.  And I really wish you could tell in this picture that she is rocking the craziest baby mohawk you've ever seen

ashley unveiling the yule cake

Maren testing out the blow-your-mind fun roller coaster toy thing

all the grand-kiddies.  keep your eye on Camryn . . .

she might try and rip your clothes off

Ashley and Jana demonstrating to Claire that her new beauty makeover counter is clearly the coolest present she's ever received

Tanner's oh-so-sexy new getup

and onward to the Bramhall's for Christmas Day. . . 

new infant hiking pack!! we're really excited about this one.  It made me really excited for spring, but we've actually already used it.  Twice.   Thanks mom and dad!

now if that face doesn't just melt your heart

sippy cup training with aunt Alison

oh my adorable Nolan.  Using his new walker like a champ and showing up the Staples baby at every level of motor skills development.  Also, on hair growing.  They've already chopped off something like 4 inches of to die for curly locks and it's still longer than Camryn's. 

Maddy sporting a way attractive face + the tackiest of all tacky Christmas sweaters that has lasted at least 3 decades and 3 Bramhall sisters

Camryn thinking "he got this and all I got was this stupid cape?"

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