Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can I please just eat in peace?

Don't laugh at me, but I really truly think the hardest part of being a parent for me is not being able to eat by myself.  Really.  I think, once upon a time, mealtimes used to be relaxing and rejuvenating.  Like, I'd get a break from work or studying that I could just enjoy in peace with a book or a blog.  No longer.  Camryn has this crazy mom-is-eating radar and she is very much opposed to this little activity of mine.  This morning I changed her diaper, nursed her, fed her breakfast, played with her, attended to her every possible need and want for over an hour, and laid out every book and toy her little heart could possibly desire. And then my only wish in life is for 15 solitary minutes to eat my own breakfast.  Just 15 freaking minutes.  Is that too much to ask? Am I being completely unreasonable here?  I swear if I were doing anything else she would play quietly on her own for as long as I wanted but it's like she can hear me chew from 2 rooms over.  And obviously, that is a reeeeally upsetting sound and not something to be put up with.  She scoots her way over to my seat at the kitchen table and proceeds to whine, to howl, and (my personal least favorite) her throwback which basically screams "i'm alone and forgotten and my mother doesn't love me."

And I, incapable as I am of ignoring the throwback, proceed to further cater to her every wish, even though I know they aren't actually wishes, but really just evil schemes to keep me from eating.

I sneak in sips between mini tantrums, and before you know it, I finally finish my smoothie something like 45 minutes to an hour after the initial sip--which, you know, is really better, because my thick icy wonderful smoothies are better melted and lukewarm.  Cereal is kind of out of the question because I can't get through a bowl without most of it going soggy.  My lunches are usually eaten in a rush while feeding Camryn.

Meals out with my husband are awesome for lots of reasons:  time with Tanner, being out of the house, eating food I didn't have to cook.  But if I'm being truly honest with myself, the best part is devouring bite after uninterrupted bite, as slowly as I want to.

If you're wondering what to get me for my upcoming birthday, all I want is 3 consecutive Camryn-free meals.

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  1. Oh man! This is so true. Mine must have a built-in mom-is-eating radar as well. It drives me crazy! I'm glad you and Tanner have a chance to get out every now and then.


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