Tuesday, October 16, 2012

by popular demand, here's some of the little lady

Ok, so no one's demanding them, but here you go anyway.  Our little lady will be 9 months old next week. 

i made her this polka dot onsie from a tutorial here.  Not the greatest picture but it's adorable and the pink paint is glittery.  which is awesome.  

I used different fabric paint to make this Muggle Born onsie for heather's boy on the way (she's a harry potter nerd and loved it)

Camryn's new favorite pastime.  Magnet alphabet letters on the side of the dishwasher.  Thank you stephanie!

a close second on the favorite pastimes list--eating mom's highlighters and lip gloss

and actual toys if they're available

these are the mittens I made her.  and you can't tell but she's yelling (not to be confused with crying or whining.  This is a straight up yell) which she does lately for long continuous stretches of time

has spent hours in the last week emptying mom's knitting bag and playing Harry Potter with the knitting needles.  I tried sooooo hard to capture one of the many moments where she widens her eyes, raises her eyebrows, opens her mouth wide and holds her wand high up in the air totally ready to cast a spell . . . but no success.  It sure is amusing though.  

"we're going outside right??  I'm so excited!!"

"ok, I was excited, now I'm just bored and annoyed that you won't put the camera down.  If I stop being cute will you take me outside already?"

BYU re-landscaped their south campus gardens and they are beeeeeautiful.  We'd go there for every walk if I was just a little bit less lazy.  

And tell me you don't want to just eat that little bow right up.


  1. Dana-she is SO cute. Her little face. What a doll!

  2. OH my goodness. I love her! Did you make that bow headband for her? Do you have a tutorial you followed? I want to make one just like that. If you followed a tutorial, could you pretty please send it to me? :) thank you! And I laughed at the part where you said she yells, because I imagined Tanner saying "She's louder than the dishwasher... it's crazy!" ha ha!

    1. sorry, the headband is from one of those little kiosks at the mall. I actually attempted to make her some and failed miserably


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